My research focuses on nitrogen and phosphorus cycling at scales ranging from ecosystems to the planet, with a particular eye for how complex interactions can result in unexpected phenomena.

My CV is here. Full-text copies of my research articles are available on my ResearchGate profile.

globe Global nutrient cycling — I help lead the INCyTE Research Coordination Network, a group of biogeoscientists working to improve nutrient cycling representation in Earth system models. I am also a part of a working group at the USGS Powell Center focused on improving estimates of global nitrogen fixation rates, patterns, and controls.
nitrogen Plant-soil-microbe interactions in the nitrogen cycle — My dissertation research focused on diverse biogeochemical interactions between organisms large and small. Some favorite projects include investigating how weathering of nitrogen-rich rocks affects soil microbial processes, and how nitrogen-fixing trees alter soil metal cycling (through the NSF GRIP program).
goals Feminist methodologies for evaluating environmental education — As part of my work with GOALS at UC Davis, I've helped develop research frameworks to study transformative experiences in environmental education in ways that center relationships, care, and community knowledge.
microbe Soil carbon storage and data-driven climate policy — Storing carbon in soils via sustainable¬†agricultural practices is promoted as a means of climate change mitigation, but will it work? As a postdoc at UC Davis/The Nature Conservancy, I explored the role of soil microbes in building soil carbon and what that means for the longevity of soil carbon sequestered through agricultural management practices.
bog Peatland ecology and biogeochemistry — I worked as a research assistant in Dr. Melanie Vile's peatland ecosystem ecology lab at Villanova University from 2009-2013. My undergraduate honors thesis tested molybdenum and phosphorus limitation of nitrogen fixation in boreal peatlands using field and lab experiments.